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Mondo - Rebirth of Mothra 3 Eco Variant Vinyl Record


"Mothra 3 The trilogy ends! Everyone's favourite Lepidopteran defender of Earth returns for a humongous climactic battle in REBIRTH OF MOTHRA III, this time fighting the Toho universe's greatest villain: King Ghidorah! Directed by Okihiro Yoneda, the picture sees Mothra Leo and the Elias sisters join forces with a young boy after Ghidorah kidnaps hundreds of children so he can siphon off their power. For Mothra to defeat his most ferocious foe, he must travel to the past while all three sisters must make up and join their special daggers together to give Mothra the ultimate power and defeat Ghidorah.

As with the previous two films, scoring REBIRTH OF MOTHRA III is Toshiyuki Watanabe, who once again brings his powerful orchestral style to the series. His music soars with pounding drums and heroic brass as Mothra travels to the Cretaceous period to attack Ghidorah in his younger form before transforming into the beautifully lyrical and ethereal tones of 'Haora Mothra' as the Elias transfer their power to Mothra. Ghidorah himself is given a suitably malevolent motif for low brass, but Watanabe brings back his triumphant Mothra theme in spectacular fashion as our hero is reborn as Armor Mothra, bringing a sensational musical end to the trilogy. Mothra oh Mothra, our guardian angel!"

-Charlie Brigden

Side 1

Opening – The Legend is Set Free
The Eerie Swarm of Meteors
The Strange Meteorite
The Mothra Song
The Second Coming of the Greatest Foe
The Appearance of Mothra
Meeting with Mothra
The Sound of the Blade of Sadness
Decision – Journey through Space and Time
Haora Mothra (Moll version)
One Last Request
Soaring High 130 Million Years Ago
The Strange Dome
Cretaceous Battle 1
Side 2

Risk Your Life
Cretaceous Battle 2
Haora Mothra (Lora .version)
The Return of King Ghidorah
The Tragic Battle
The Appearance of the Armored Warrior
The Last Battle
The Last Metamorphosis
The Power of the Legend
Ending – Touch My Heart

Mondo - Rebirth of Mothra 3 Eco Variant Vinyl Record

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