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Mondo - Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II Eco Variant Vinyl Record


The Big G is back! But so is the Big Metal G in the 1993 Toho classic GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA II. An exploration team in the Bering Sea finds an unhatched egg before being caught in a smackdown between Godzilla and the giant Pteranodon Rodan. The egg hatches to reveal a Baby Godzilla, but unfortunately, its presence draws Godzilla to its location. However, this allows the emergency service of G-Force to test out their newest anti-Godzilla weapon: the gigantic mecha Mechagodzilla, loaded with missiles and secret weapons to bring down the giant monster. Once again, GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA II was scored by the legendary Akira Ifukube, whose incredibly thrilling music is a highlight of one of Toho’s best kaiju epics. Of course, the traditional Godzilla theme is front and center and as rousing as ever, but Ifukube also returns to his wonderful original 1956 music for Rodan. Mechagodzilla is given a huge, lumbering theme with low brass that conveys its tremendous power. Still, the sweet and quirky material provided to Baby Godzilla is perhaps the highlight of the score, with a solo woodwind motif and beautiful soaring strings befitting the regality of the son of the Big G. Another Ifukube masterpiece!

Music by Akira Ufukube
Artwork by Luke Preece
2X 180 Gram Eco Vinyl
Manufactured in Czech Republic
Made by Mondo

1 Opening
2 Main Title
3 G-Force Training Center
4 The Egg of Adonoa Island
5 Rodan Appears
6 Godzilla vs. Rodan
7 The Music of an Ancient Plant
8 Baby Godzilla is Born
9 Baby and Azusa
10 Godzilla Appears in Yokkaichi
11 Mechagodzilla Sortie
12 Mechagodzilla Touch Down Preparation
13 The Supreme King's Advent
14 Electrical Discharge Attack
15 G-Force March
16 Godzilla Leaves Kyoto
17 Baby's Transportation
18 Mechagodzilla Repair Work
19 Garuda Simulation
20 Kazuma and Azusa
21 ESPer Chorus
22 The Bird of Fire
23 The Serenade of a Starlit Sky
24 Rodan Attacks Sendai
25 Rodan with Baby's Container I
26 Mechagodzilla Re-Sortie
27 Garuda Sortie March
28 Rodan with Baby's Container II
29 Garuda vs. Rodan
30 Mechagodzilla vs. Rodan
31 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla I
32 Search Eye
33 G-Crusher
34 Rodan Withers
35 Godzilla's Revival
36 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
37 Parting with Baby
38 From Miki to Baby

39 Ending

Mondo - Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II Eco Variant Vinyl Record

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