New JXSDF Patch Hat Embodies Kiryu's Coolness

The JXSDF Patch Hat embodies the coolness of Kiryu's human pilots.

Just when you think you've collected every single Godzilla Store Exclusive hat, Kiryu comes calling with a new cap. Introducing the new JXSDF Patch Hat.

Based on badge-style patches on the Japanese Xenomorph Self-Defense Force Mechagodzilla pilot flight suits in 2002's Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and 2003's Godzilla: Tokyo SOS, the JXSDF Patch Hat can make any fan look just a little more like the heroic Akane Yashiro or Yoshito Chujo.

Like the original JXSDF Hat, the new JXSDF Patch Hat is an adjustable 7-panel snapback cotton hat, with one size fitting most.

You can shop the all-new JXSDF Patch Hat now at the Godzilla Store.


JXSDF Patch Hat