New Godzilla x Puma x atmos x Secret Base Sneakers and Sofubi Arrive

The Godzilla x Puma x Atmos x Secret Base sneakers and sofubi sets are now available in the Godzilla Store.

You've seen triple collaborations, but the new Godzilla x Puma x atmos x Secret Base Godzilla sneakers and sofubi figure are an appropriately kaiju-sized quadruple collab.

Now available in the Godzilla Store are limited edition atmos-designed Godzilla-styled Puma shoes along with red and yellow Secret Base Godzilla sofubi figures limited to just 249 units per colorway.

Secret Base's 12" tall Godzilla sofubi honors the 1974 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla movie, in which the Black Hole Planet 3 aliens disguised Mechagodzilla in a pseudo Godzilla skin until the mechanical kaiju is revealed in battle with the true King of the Monsters. As such, the Godzilla sofubi has semi-translucent features with an internal Mechagodzilla inside. Additionally, the translucent plastic showcases an internal red "glow" as a nod to the "burning" Godzilla of Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.

The atmos-designed shoes are based on the classic Puma Suede, with the toe, tongue, and reflective form strip nodding to Mechagodzilla's torn faux skin and Godzilla's Destoroyah-battling look. The tongue features an original tag with gold embossing, and the insole is marked with a commemorative Godzilla x atmos x Puma logo.

What's more, fans who order up the sofubi will also receive a white novelty bag sporting a special collab print.

The new Godzilla x Puma x atmos x Secret Base sneakers and sofubi figures are now available, shipping only within the United States. Get yours at the Godzilla Store