Lou Seal Joins a Kaiju Brawl on Oracle Park's Godzilla Feature Wall

The Godzilla Feature Wall is on display at Oracle Park from now through the end of the San Francisco Giants' regular season.

Lou Seal is ready to rumble, kaiju-style. The San Francisco Giants mascot can now be seen alongside some of Toho's most iconic monsters on the all-new Godzilla feature wall in preparation for the Godzilla VIP Experience at Oracle Park on May 17.

Unlike the VIP Experience event exclusive Godzilla Bobblehead, which pits the King of the Monsters as it appears in Godzilla Minus One vs. the San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal, the Godzilla feature wall is available to view (and take selfies in front of) all season long at Oracle Park near section 113.

The massive monster mural by artist E.J. Su assembles classic versions of Godzilla, Mothra, and guest Lou Seal as they prepare to tussle with King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge while a regal Rodan spreads its wings in the middle.

In all, it should prove much easier for fans to take photos with than the Golden Gate Bridge backdrop in Legendary's 2014 Monsterverse Godzilla movie or its retelling in Apple TV+'s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters streaming series.

Get a closer look at the Godzilla feature wall at Oracle Park below:


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