Watch This: Artist E.J. Su Draws the Godzilla Feature Wall at Oracle Park

See how artist E.J. Su rendered an epic kaiju battle on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The King of the Monsters is leaving a mighty mark on San Francisco this month. Not only will a host of fans who attend the Godzilla VIP Experience at Oracle Park on May 17 enjoy a San Francisco Giants game, anyone who visits section 113 at the park can enjoy the massive monster mural by artist E.J. Su up close and in person all season long.

Fans who aren't able to get to San Francisco this baseball season, however, can still get an awesome look at Su's depiction of Godzilla, Mothra, and Lou Seal facing off with King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla beneath the watchful wings of Rodan on the Golden Gate Bridge.

A new timelapse video shows how the prolific illustrator known for his work on everything from Transformers, Tech Jacket, and other comics put the epic scene together.

Check out E.J. Su's new drawing timelapse video of the Godzilla Feature Wall at Oracle Park below.