Exclusive Spiral Studio Shin Godzilla Sofubi Kits Arrive in the Godzilla Store

Spiral Studio's exclusive Ruby and Crystal Shin Godzilla sofubi kits are now available in the Godzilla Store.

After 70 years of cinematic smashing, the King of the Monsters is generally associated with destruction, but thanks to Spiral Studio, sofubi fans can now embrace building Shin Godzilla via the toymaker's sofubi kit, now available in US exclusive Ruby and Crystal colorways at the Godzilla Store.

Part of Spiral Studio's Vinyl Monsters Archive: Godzilla 2016 line, the Shin Godzilla sofubi kits come cast in the highest grade of vinyl and feature designs and sculpts by 3D creature artist Vlad Konstantinov. Unlike traditional assembled sofubi figures, the Shin Godizlla sofubi kits from Spiral Studio come in pieces, with instructions for assembly.

You can pick up the Spiral Studio Shin Godzilla sofubi kits in Ruby and Crystal now at the Godzilla Store.