Godzilla defies conventions.

The 2016 Shin Godzilla starred a horrific new interpretation of the King of the Monsters that evolved beyond any and all expectations throughout its nigh-unstoppable rampage.

This new Godzilla strikes an unsettling, sleeker silhouette complete with a lengthy tail, five pronounced rows of dorsal fins, shortened arms, and upturned claws. A long neck leads to a diminutive, beady-eyed head bearing a massive mouth lined with needle-pointed teeth. Molten scar tissue glows blood red between the cracks in its charred hide.

GODZILLA (2016) By
The Numbers

Appears In 4 Movies
First Introduced 2016
Largest Height 300 Meters
Largest Weight 100,000 T

GODZILLA (2016) Through
The Ages

Movies &

Shin Godzilla

Humanity witnesses the metamorphosis of Godzilla as an unlikely task force races to stop the kaiju before Japan is destroyed.

Directed By

Hideaki Anno & Shinji Higuchi

Music By

Shiro Sagisu & Akira Ifukube (posthumous)

Story By

Hideaki Anno