CCP Middle Size Series Sofubi Seize the Godzilla Store

Shop Godzilla CCP Middle Size Series sofubi now in the Godzilla Store.

There's subtle sofubi colorways and then there's "Are you SEEING this??" sofubi colorways. The latest drop of CCP's Middle Size Series in the Godzilla Store fantastically falls into both camps, which should excite every King of the Monsters soft vinyl collector.

Exuding vintage "Showa retro" style, CCP's Middle Size Series strives to blend the spirit of the past with sculpting and colorways of the present to create 12cm (4.72") PVC sofubi kaiju figures that are contemporary collector crowd pleasers.

The latest Godzilla Store drop includes a host of Godzilla, Hedorah, and Gigan sofubi figures in can't-miss colors.

Check out the new CCP Middle Size Series figures in the Godzilla Store.


Godzilla CCP Middle Size Series Sofubi