Toxic sludge kaiju that feeds on pollution.

As humankind poisons Earth with industrial waste, a dangerous threat arises; a malicious monster made entirely of toxic sludge. Enter the Smog Monster known as Hedorah.

Hedorah is an alien life form made of extraterrestrial minerals deposited on Earth via a passing comet. When exposed to pollution, the minerals came alive as acidic sludge and sickening slime.

The toxic kaiju developed through several stages including an Initial Stage resembling an abnormally large tadpole, a gargantuan Aquatic Stage, a Landing Form where Hedorah could crawl, a Flying Stage featuring deadly toxic fumes, and a final Perfect Stage. In this final form, Hedorah stands taller than Godzilla and can match the King of the Monsters blow for blow. Able to revert into its flying form at will, Hedora can escape attacks with surprising agility. The kaiju can also spit acidic sludge and mud balls, spray a horrible sulfuric acid mist, and even shoot a Hedrium Ray from one eye.

Few foes have ever proved as challenging for Godzilla and humankind as Hedorah, and the horrific kaiju continues to remind us of the catastrophic cost of industrial irresponsibility.

The Numbers

Appears In 2 Movies
First Introduced 1971
Largest Height 120 Meters
Largest Weight 70,000 T

The Ages

Movies &

Godzilla vs. Hedorah

Godzilla takes on Hedorah, aka the Smog Monster, a kaiju that feeds on humanity's industrial waste and illustrates the dangers of pollution.

Directed By

Yoshimitsu Banno

Music By

Riichiro Manabe

Story By

Takeshi Kimura & Yoshimitsu Banno

Godzilla Final Wars

Experience the ultimate monster extravaganza as Godzilla engages in battle with countless fan-favorite foes, leading to an epic final showdown.

Directed By

Ryuhei Kitamura

Music By

Keith Emerson, Nobuhiko Morino & Daisuke Yano

Story By

Wataru Mimura & Isao Kiriyama