Japan's Nijigen no Mori Theme Park Kicks Off Awaji Godzilla Festival 2024

Fans can attend Nijigen no Mori's special Awaji Godzilla Festival 2024 through July 21 in Japan.

It's the summer of Godzilla's 70th anniversary, and Nijigen no Mori is pulling out all the stops to welcome fans of The King of the Monsters the world over. From now through July 21, Japan's iconic Awaji Island theme park is expanding on its Godzilla Zipline, Godzilla Room, and other attractions to welcome fans to its Awaji Godzilla Festival 2024.

The Awaji Godzilla Festival 2024 offers a "Special Set Ticket" that gives attendees access to the Godzilla AR x Real Mystery Solving Game, unlimited Godzilla Zipline Ride access, and a limited edition Godzilla backpack modeled after the park's Godzilla Zipline attraction.

Additionally, "Special Set Ticket" purchasers can participate in two challenges, the archery-based Yumiya Challenge, and the fan-tossing Tosenkyo Challenge. Based on how well fans perform at these challenges, participants can win Nijigen no Mori exclusive Japanese patterned Godzilla goods.

For more information about the Awaji Godzilla Festival 2024 and to order tickets, fans can check out the Nijigen no Mori website.


Awaji Godzilla Festival Nijigen no Mori poster

Nijigen no Mori Godzilla Backpack