On Solgel Island, a species of large praying mantises known as Kamacurus are exposed to the unexpected effects of a weather control experiment, causing them to grow into 60-meter monsters. Their right foreleg is a needle and the left is shaped like a blade, and they also have wings that enable flight. When three Kamacuruses threaten Minilla, Godzilla is drawn to the island and later destroys two of the creatures. The other is killed by the spider-like kaiju Kumonga.

Work appeared

© 1967 TOHO

Son of Godzilla

Height: 50 m
Weight: 2,800 t

© 1969 TOHO

All Monsters Attack

Height: 50 m
Weight: 2,800 t

© 2004 TOHO

Godzilla Final Wars

Height: 90 m
Withers height: 40 m
Weight: 20,000 t