Hedorium is an extraterrestrial creature that is attracted to the industrial pollution found in Earth’s environment. From a combination of toxic sludge on the seafloor and other poisonous elements, Hedorah is born. The kaiju has a slimy, tadpole-like shape and two angry red eyes that bulge from vertical slits, and it can produce a deadly acid-like mist that rapidly decays human flesh and dissolves metal structures. After Hedorah comes ashore in Japan, it
encounters Godzilla, who defeats it, but only temporarily. Hedorah returns in a new flying shape with the power to quickly morph its physical form as needed. It is vulnerable to dryness, and when fully dehydrated crumbles to dust. But the creature can be revived, and becomes even more powerful if re-exposed to moisture.

Work appeared

© 1971 TOHO

Godzilla vs. Hedorah

Height: 0.1 mm-60 m
Weight: 0-48,000 t

© 2004 TOHO

Godzilla Final Wars

Height: 120 m
Weight: 70,000 t