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The Record of Godzilla Minus One Book (Japanese Edition)


Godzilla Store Exclusive - JAPANESE TEXT ONLY
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Own a complete record of the Godzilla 70th anniversary film Godzilla Minus One, including all the behind-the-scenes photos, with The Record of Godzilla Minus One.

Discover how the award-winning, critically acclaimed, global box office hit Godzilla Minus One movie was produced in Japan, from its early planning stages in 2019, through its production, promotion, and release - in a premium hardcover book perfect for every fan's collection. In The Record of Godzilla Minus One, the film's timeline is thoroughly documented with a huge amount of treasured materials and interviews with more than 50 staff members. In addition, the VFX production process under the supervision of Director Yamazaki Takashi and VFX Director Shibuya Kiyoko is explained extensively.

● Toho Producer interview, Director Takashi Yamazaki & producer team roundtable discussion
● Sculpture design and modeling staff and director interviews
● CG animation staff and director interviews
● Background research assistant director and director interviews
● Military supervision supervisor interview, ROBOT producer interview
● Art and decoration staff roundtable discussion
● Miniature production staff and director interviews
● Costumes, plus hair and makeup staff interviews
● Filming location / Cinematography, lighting, special equipment, operation, action director, VFX, director roundtable discussion
● Sound recording and sound effects staff interviews
● Editing staff interviews
● Shirogumi VFX system interviews and VFX commentary by 27 Shirogumi staff members
● Matte painting staff interviews
● Finish grading staff interviews
● Music staff interviews
● Release and promotion promotion policy including roundtable discussion with members of Toho's publicity department
● Overseas expansion and overseas promotion interview with Toho's global staff
● Interview with director Yamazaki Takashi

Included Production Materials
Draft script (10th draft), completed script (28th draft), design drawings, early storyboards, modeling photos, CG animation production images, early storyboards, directing department research materials, supervision materials by the supervisor, detailed materials from the play (date and time setting table for all scenes, address list for settings in the play, resumes for Shikishima and Tachibana, deployment diagram of Operation Kaijin, flight route map for "Shinden", and many more), previs reprint, effects instructions, location scouting photos, "Shinden" and "Shinsei Maru" production blueprints, sound lineup, puppetry lineup, 3D image of the shooting plan by the art department, art plan development, images of each location and set, "Shinden" production record photos, production materials, behind-the-scenes photos, VFX production images, composite disassembly images, matte painting materials, CG ship images, photogrammetry images, a set of official promotional materials, all tie-up advertisements, various North American posters, and more.

Product Features
Hardcover bound
● Three-sided case / A4 size
● 400 pages (planned)

●Japanese Only

* Please note: Specifications and contents are subject to change.

First Edition Limited Bonus
● Storyboard script distributed to staff during shooting (reprint)
● Japanese version poster of "
Godzilla Minus One"/"Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color" (known as "Godzilla-1.0/C" in Japan) in A2 size

Issued by: Toho Co., Ltd. Rights Division
Edited by: Toho Stella Co., Ltd.

The Record of Godzilla Minus One Book (Japanese Edition)
The Record of Godzilla Minus One Book (Japanese Edition)
The Record of Godzilla Minus One Book (Japanese Edition)

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