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Movie Monster Series Bagan

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Godzilla Store Japan Exclusive

From the Movie Monster series, Godzilla Store Limited Bagan is now available!

・Size: Height approx. 175mm
・Material: PVC

*Image is for illustrative purposes only. Please note that the color may differ slightly from the actual product.

Movie Monster Series Bagan
Movie Monster Series Bagan
Movie Monster Series Bagan

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
One of the Best Bandai MMS Figures

As the title says, Bagan is one of the best figures to date. Stunning levels of detail are pretty standard for the Bandai MMS, but this is enhanced by the absolutely gorgeous paintjob as well as the novelty of this being the from an unused monster concept.
My first ever Godzilla Store buy, and I am immensely happy with it. If you like collecting and have the chance to get it (especially through the official store, as the aftermarket for this figure will easily cost you double), please do. It is well worth the cost for a figure that feels truly exclusive!


The sculpt and paint is done so well, it's such a fantastic vinyl figure


Awesome thank


The Movie Monster Series Bagan (for some reason it mistranslated as Vagan), is one of Bandai’s best figures ever created in the Godzilla Movie Monster Series line. The Paint job, sculpt and articulation gives off early Movie Monster series 2000 vibes and the quality of the figure should be the golden standard for future MMS figures in the line. The only problems I have with this figure is that the figure looks very uneven on one side and some of the dark violet red is bleeding on one side of the tail.


Beautiful figure!

Movie monster series bagan

I always want a bagan figure. I remember saying myself that I wish if there's a bagan and when I movie monster series bagan was announced I was freaking out and excited. My wish has come true that's all I'm gonna about movie monster series bagan.