Stream the All-New 'Operation Jet Jaguar' 50th Anniversary Short Until 2024

Watch the all-new Jet Jaguar short through November 10, 2023.

The 1973 kaiju classic Godzilla vs. Megalon turned 50 this year and Godzilla Festival 2023 had no shortage of commemorative shorts for fans of its 50-year-old kaiju this past Godzilla Day. Not only were fans treated to the all-new Godzilla vs. Megalon (2023) short, the robotic hero Jet Jaguar also got its due with an original short that's available to stream online for a limited time.

The new Operation Jet Jaguar short was directed by Kazuhiro Nakagawa, who also directed Godzilla Fest's 2020 short Godzilla Appears, and 2021 short Godzilla vs. Hedorah. The Japanese language short is available to watch with English subtitles via YouTube's closed captioning function.

Operation Jet Jaguar's plot is part Godzilla vs. Megalon homage and part Jet Jaguar fandom wish-fulfillment. Without spoiling anything, fans can expect a surprising story with an ending that should excite every Godzilla fan.

Rather than featuring a new or reimagined design, Jet Jaguar (2023) uses a crowdfunded reproduction of the original Jet Jaguar suit, which was on full display at Godzilla Festival 2023.

If that's not enough new Jet Jaguar excitement, Bandai Tamashii Nations also announced a new S.H.MonsterArts Jet Jaguar (1973) figure, with release date details forthcoming.

The Japanese language Jet Jaguar short - along with a making-of featurette - are streamable on YouTube's Godzillla Channel through December 31, 2023. Watch the new Jet Jaguar short while it's available below: