Super7 Toho ReAction Figures Wave 5 Stomps into the Godzilla Store

Shop Super7's Toho ReAction Figures Wave 5 in the Godzilla Store.

It's time to make room on your 3.75" Godzilla toy shelf. Super7's latest Toho ReAction Figures Wave has officially landed in the Godzilla Store.

The four-figure ReAction wave features Godzilla '55 Grayscale and Anguirus '55 from Godzilla Raids Again, plus two Toho kaiju from non-Godzilla films including Moguera '57 from The Mysterians, Baragon '68 from Frankenstein vs. Baragon.

All four posable Super7 Toho ReAction Figures retail for $20 and come with six points of articulation, aside from Moguera, which has five.

Godzilla '55 Grayscale, Anguirus '55, Moguera '57, and Baragon '68 are all in stock and available in the Godzilla Store now.