Super7's "Silver Screen" Toho Blind Box ReAction Figures Wave 3 Arrive at the Godzilla Store

Fans can score all five of Super7's Toho Blind Box ReAction Figures Wave 3 figures in one set at the Godzilla Store.

From the theatrical debut of Godzilla in 1954 to Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color 70 years later, fans of the King of the Monsters have a special relationship with black and white cinema. With this in mind, Super7 has unveiled a host of silver screen-style surprises with the release of the third wave of its 3.75" Toho Blind Box ReAction figures at the Godzilla Store.

The new wave features grayscale versions of Gigan, Godzilla '74, Minilla, Mechagodzilla, and Godzilla '62 in blind boxes, ensuring a kaiju surprise with every individual purchase.

Fans who want to guarantee they get all five figures at once can also order a complete set of 12 figures, which includes at least one figure of each kaiju, now at the Godzilla Store.

Super7 Toho Blind Box ReAction Figures Wave 3