New 'Godzilla Minus One' Japan Exclusives Arrive in the Godzilla Store

Shop Godzilla Minus One Japan exclusive apparel, merch, and more now in the Godzilla Store.

If the Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects isn't enough to make every King of the Monster Fan's March, the Godzilla Minus One goodness keeps coming as more Japan-exclusive merch arrives in the Godzilla Store.

Available now in the Godzilla Store is a new Godzilla Minus One t-shirt, a tote bag, an acrylic stand, a postcard set, a key chain, and a crossbody bag.

Each item is formerly a Japan exclusive, making this the first time many fans can access them from within North America. What's more, fans could theoretically order all of the above and carry them all in one conveniently on-brand tote bag.

You can shop the new Japan exclusives now at the Godzilla Store.



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