Godzilla Store Japan Drop: New Exclusives for June 2024

Prepare for June's Japan exclusives at the Godzilla Store.

Summer's on the way, which means the Godzilla Store Japan exclusives are heating up for Godzilla, Biollante, Hedorah, and Minilla fans. Get a look at three new figures, plus two must-have restocks, dropping throughout the month in the Godzilla Store.

New Items


Godzilla Store Limited Movie Monster Series Minilla (1967)

This PVC "Son of Godzilla" figure will stand 15 centimeters tall.



Godzilla Store Limited Marusan Biollante Devil Red Ver. Painted by Takashi Yoshizaka

Collect the monstrous Biollante in rosy "Devil Red".



Godzilla Store Limited Marusan 1989 Godzilla (350 Ibushi Silver Ver.) Painted by Takashi Yoshizaka

The King of the Monsters from Godzilla vs. Biollante shimmers in stunning silver.




Movie Monster Series Godzilla (1984)

Get pumped for the return of the Movie Monster Series figure based on The Return of Godzilla.



Marusan Hedorah Statue Popstar Edition

Everyone's favorite Smog Monster simply pops with this eye-catching colorway.


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