'Godzilla Minus One' Joins 'Godzilla Battle Line' Mobile Game

The King of the Monsters from Godzilla Minus One is now playable in Godzilla Battle Line.

Three-minute kaiju battles just got even bigger as Godzilla Minus One joins the fray in the Godzilla Battle Line mobile game from Toho Games.

Available as a free download with available in-app purchases, Godzilla Battle Line lets players build a team of monsters, which now includes the newest incarnation of The King of the Monsters from Godzilla Minus One, and fight against players from all over the world in real time.

The new Godzilla Minus One collaboration gives players access to two new special playable battle pieces, including Godzilla and another piece based on a key point from the new film.

You can check out Godzilla Minus One in Godzilla Battle Line now on iOS and Android.