'Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons II - Sons of Giants' Comic Drops in June

Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons II - Sons of Giants #1 drops June 26.

In 2023, IDW Publishing's 2023 Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons comic book miniseries reimagined the King of the Monsters in the 1500s, with none other than historical explorer Sir Francis Drake stumbling upon its terrible power while sailing beyond the maps' edge to circumnavigate the globe. This summer, the adventure continues as Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons II - Sons of Giants #1 sets sail in comic shops and online on June 26.

Created by the returning team of writer Frank Tieri and artist Inaki Miranda, the new 5-issue miniseries will pick up where the last treasure-hunting adventure left off.

From IDW's official solicitation:

The sequel to last summer’s smash miniseries! Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda reunite to explore the conspiracy that led to Sir Francis Drake hiding his treasure on Monster Island! Who are the Sons of Giants, and what is their mission? More importantly, what is their connection to Godzilla and the other monsters? This series shows us how it all came to be, how Godzilla was discovered by the leaders of the world, and how it changed history forever!

"Truth be told, we were absolutely floored by the response to Godzilla: Here There be Dragons. Godzilla fans are really just awesome and pleasantly surprised us. Here we had this off the wall idea that was basically Godzilla meets Pirates of the Caribbean and thankfully they were more than willing to take that crazy ride with us... and they'll be happy to know that the crazy ride not only ain't over just yet, but gets quite a bit crazier," said Tieri.

Elaborating on what fans can expect, Tieri explained some story-specific world-building is in store.

"The two aspects of the series that we saw fans enjoyed most of all will be front and center in Godzilla: Here There be Dragons II - The Sons of Giants... a) seeing Godzilla and the other kaiju in different time periods and b) the mystery surrounding the Sons of Giants, the clandestine monster cult that protected the secrets of the kaiju throughout those time periods," said Tieri, "This time however we'll be exploring more than just the golden age of pirates. Expect visits to ancient Rome, feudal Japan, ancient Egypt, among others... and most notably, post revolution America in the 1800s, which will serve as our main time period. And of course with a subtitle like Sons of Giants, we'll obviously learn more about the enigmatic kaiju society as well. Where did they come from? When did they originate? What world events have they been involved with... and maybe most notably, what familiar historical figures do they count amongst their number? Expect a lot of twists and surprises in Sons of Giants and of course many of your favorite Godzilla regulars like Rodan, Mothra, Hedorah and... eh, now we don't want to give away all our surprises, do we?"

Miranda echoed Tieri's excitement, and commented on getting further acquainted with the King of the Monsters as the story continues in this second miniseries. 

"It’s amazing to be back in this rich world. This is going to be a real fun monster ride! Here There be Dragons opened a very interesting secret door that we are now ready to explore full steam. Frank came up with this really interesting concept of a secret society of Godzilla worshipers, a mystery is screaming to be unfolded. And that’s what we are going to do in this volume. Kaiju fights in cool time periods assuredly!" said Inaki, "It feels to me like Frank is writing these scripts just so I can have fun, he must love me very much. Thank you, buddy! It usually takes an artist three to five issues of drawing a book to start feeling comfortable with the main character. I feel I understand Godzilla’s shapes much better now and with this in mind, I intend to do my best rendition possible. Thanks to IDW and Toho for inviting me once more to draw the coolest and baddest monster of all."

Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons II - Sons of Giants #1 will ship with an A cover by Miranda, a B cover by Gavin Smith, and a retailer exclusive black and white version of Smith's B cover.

Check out all three Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons II - Sons of Giants #1 covers below:


Godzilla Here There Be Dragons II Cover A

Godzilla Here There Be Dragons II cover B

Godzilla Here There Be Dragons II Cover RI