Drink Up International Coffee Day with Godzilla Roasts

Drink Up International Coffee Day with Godzilla Roasts

Caffeinate with the King of the Monsters

Feel like a monster before you've had your daily dose of caffeine? This International Coffee Day you can feel like one afterward, too, with Jade City's officially-licensed line of Godzilla roasts.

Jade City, also known for its Godzilla hot sauces and spices, has created a bevy of coffee blends with a range of non-heat-ray-roasted beans and flavors, including:

- Rodan's Mount Aso Blend (Light Roast Coffee)
- King Ghidorah's Planet X Blend (Medium Roast Coffee)
- Godzilla's Odo Island Blend (Dark Roast)
- Mothra's Infant Island Blend (Banana Nut)
- Mechagodzilla's Black Hole Blend (German Chocolate)
- Godzilla's Monster Island Blend (Pumpkin Spice)
- Odo Island Black Blend
- Black Hole Planet 3 Blend

Jade City Godzilla Coffee
Jade City Godzilla Coffee

There are whole-bean blends for those with grindy Megalon tendencies and pre-ground varieties for when you're in a rush in the morning (or afternoon… or evening). 

You can get your Godzilla coffee fix now at Jade City.