Godzilla Challenger Series Coming to UniVersus Card Game in June

An all-new Godzilla Challenger Series will be released for the UniVersus Card Game on June 21.

Wondering what's in the cards for Godzilla this summer? UVS Games has a cardinal update with the announcement that its Godzilla Challenger Series for the UniVersus collectible card game will arrive in game shops and online on June 21.

The Godzilla Challenger Series is split into two products, the Godzilla + Mothra deck, and the King Ghidorah + Rodan deck. Each of these 60-card decks comes ready-to-play, and includes a collector booster pack that features 6 alternate-art foil cards. The Godzilla + Mothra deck will include Godzilla and Mothra cards, plus alternate-art foil cards of Kiryu. The King Ghidorah + Rodan deck will include King Ghidorah and Rodan cards, plus alternate-art foil cards of the original 1974 Mechagodzilla.

The Godzilla + Mothra and King Ghidorah + Rodan UniVersus Godzilla Challenger Series decks will each retail for $34.99 everywhere collectible card games are sold.

Check out promotional images for the upcoming Godzilla Challenger Series for the UniVersus card game below:


Godzilla Challenger Series UniVersus decks


Godzilla Challenger Series UniVersus cards 1


Godzilla Challenger Series UniVersus cards 2