'Brawl Stars' Gets New Godzilla City Smash Mode and Character Skins

The Brawl Stars Godzilla event runs April 29-May 20.

Godzilla, Mechagodzilla and more have arrived in Supercell’s free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena mobile game, Brawl Stars.

The game’s latest update lets players deck their characters in special Godzilla skins that combine Brawl Stars characters with iconic Toho kaiju. These player skins include Mechagodzilla Nita, Mothra Eve, and Godzilla Buzz.

In the new 3-on-3 Godzilla City Smash game mode, players can play as Godzilla and Mechagodzilla after collecting special items within a session. The team that smashes the session’s city arena the most wins, with the winners receiving in-game Monster Eggs. Additional Monster Eggs will also be available through daily drops and other Brawl Star game events.

The Brawl Stars Godzilla event runs from April 29 through May 20. Brawl Stars is available as a free app on iOS and Android, with in-app purchases. You can check out the new Brawl Stars community update video below.