Godzilla Costumes Return in the 'Fall Guys' Store

Godzilla Costumes Return in the 'Fall Guys' Store

Rampage Through 'Fall Guys' in Godzilla Garb!

As autumn approaches and cooler temperatures begin to blow, it's time to start breaking out those layers… especially if you're a Fall Guys fan. That's right, Godzilla costumes are back in the Fall Guys store, meaning you can once again adorn your avatar as Godzilla, Godzilla 1995, Mothra, and King Ghidorah.

If you missed your chance to get Godzilla garb for your Fall Guys avatar in previous drops, this is your chance to suit up. Starting today you can pick up each set of matching upper and lower pieces for $4.99 USD through September 28.

Costumes are mix-and-matchable, meaning you can wear different top and bottom piece combinations while playing the game. That should suit fans who are curious about how, say, Mothra would look with Godzilla's legs. That is, atleast, while wobbling around in a Fall Guys stage.

You can get your kaiju costumes by logging in to the Fall Guys store on your preferred platform.