Exclusive Interview: Cullen Bunn on 'Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers II' #1 Reveals (SPOILERS)

Spoiler Warning: Writer Cullen Bunn talks Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers II #1 story reveals.

Last week we spoke with Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers II #1 writer Cullen Bunn about his plans for the King of the Monsters with artist Baldemar Rivas. But after the huge reveal on the final page of the miniseries' debut issue, plus the reveal of a future development on an exclusive foil cover this week, we knew we had to follow up.

Read on to hear more about Bunn's storytelling approach for the Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers II 5-issue miniseries moving forward.


Kaiju-sized spoilers for Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers II #1 ahead:


Godzilla Vs The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1 Williams Foil Variant We just saw a Psycho Ranger Ghidorah at the end of issue #1, meaning there's got to be more Toho kaiju/Ranger combinations on the way, including zords. How did you decide which Rangers to match with each monster?

Cullen Bunn: I'm not sure there's ever been a time in my life (At least since I first discovered the Power Rangers... and who knows if it's been even longer? Time is an illusion, after all.) when I WASN'T pondering which Power Ranger would pilot which kaiju-based Zord!

I've definitely put a lot of thought into this notion since I started working on the first Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.

For this book, I started out making a list of all my favorite Toho Godzilla monsters, and I started matching them with the personalities of the different Rangers. I wanted combinations that complemented (and in some cases challenged) the Rangers.

There are some really amazing combinations waiting to be revealed... and that's just among the "heroic" Toho monsters. Wait. I know this is a spoiler-heavy interview, but I might have said too much! The Kaiju Zords are going to be a huge deal in this series. If you could pilot any of them, which would it be and why?

Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers II comic book preview page

Cullen Bunn: Tough question! I think about it, I think I have a definitive answer, and then I change my mind. I mean, who wouldn't want to pilot a Godzilla-Zord? Who wouldn't find an Anguirus-Zord delightful and charming?

In the end, though, I would likely choose a King Caesar-Zord. King Caesar has long been a favorite kaiju of mine, ever since I discovered Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla oh-so-long ago!

I'm just such a fan of that kaiju's design to begin with. To see that design translated into a Zord is joyous for me.

Also, I like to think that if I was piloting that Zord and it ran out of fuel, I could just revive it by singing an ancient song. No one else would like it, but it would be a handy benefit.