‘Chibi Godzilla Raids Again’ S2 Coming to the Godzilla YouTube Channel April 10

Chibi Minilla will debut in Chibi Godzilla Raids Again S2.

We've got big news for Chibi Godzilla fans. The anime kaiju is about to raid again... again! That's right, Chibi Godzilla Raids Again Season 2 will make its English subtitle debut on the official Godzilla YouTube channel on April 10 at 10 a.m. PT, complete with new character, Chibi Minilla.

Voiced by Maaya Uchida, Chibi Minilla will represent its full-sized “Son of Godzilla” namesake in vibrant pink, rounding out the colorful cast of chibi characters on the Chibi Godzilla Raids Again anime's Monster Island.

Designed by Chiharu Sakazaki, the Chibi Godzilla character debuted in a children’s book in 2018. Chibi Godzilla began appearing in online animated shorts in 2020, and started starring in TOHO Animation and Pie in the Sky’s Chibi Godzilla Raids Again in April, 2023, directed by Taketo Shinkai. Chibi Godzilla Raids Again Season 2 is set to debut on TV Tokyo's Oha Suta program on April 3.

From the official Chibi Godzilla Raids Again series description:

The next Godzilla, which the whole world has been waiting for, is a short TV animation series that no one expected! With an all-star cast of voice actors, the series portrays the too-loose daily lives of the super-eccentric little monsters. Will Chibi Godzilla be able to become a great monster like his father, Godzilla? Brace for the impact of bite-size monster entertainment!

New Chibi Godzilla Raids Again Season 2 episodes will be uploaded every Wednesday for the duration of the season.

Check out the English teaser poster and watch the new English-subtitled Chibi Godzilla Raids Again Season 2 trailer in full below: