Brain Dead Drops Exclusive New 'Mothra vs. Godzilla' T-shirts

A new 'Mothra vs. Godzilla' tee is now available online from Brain Dead Studios.

Just ahead of the landmark kaiju film's 60th anniversary on screens, Brain Dead Studios is releasing an exclusive new Mothra vs. Godzilla t-shirt.

Part of Brain Dead's limited Mothra vs. Godzilla screening on January 21 in Los Angeles, the new t-shirt is now available at Brain Dead's website in black and white colorways.

Like its previous Destroy All Monsters tee, Brain Dead's new Mothra vs. Godzilla t-shirt retails for $54 at its online shop and retail locations.

You can check out both of the Mothra vs. Godzilla t-shirt designs by Brain Dead Studios below:



Mothra vs. Godzilla black Brain Dead t-shirt


Mothra vs. Godzilla white Brain Dead t-shirt