Zilla is a fast, agile kaiju with unknown origins that strikes at foes with brute force.

Although it is said to resemble a creature that attacked New York City in 1997, the origins of the enormous kaiju known as Zilla are unknown. Its primary weapons are simple brute force and a high jump kick, but its agility and speed are unprecedented for a kaiju of its size.

After alien beings known as Xiliens took control over Earth’s monsters, they sent Zilla to attack Godzilla in Sydney, Australia as a test; one that ultimately failed. Despite Zilla’s quick maneuvers and ability to jump out of harm’s way or land impressive aerial jump attacks, it simply was no match in face-to-face combat with the true King of the Monsters! Godzilla easily knocked Zilla down and obliterated the kaiju with a direct hit of its heat ray.

The Numbers

Appears In 1 Movie
First Introduced 2004
Largest Height 90 Meters

ZILLA Through
The Ages

Movies &

Godzilla Final Wars

Experience the ultimate monster extravaganza as Godzilla engages in battle with countless fan-favorite foes, leading to an epic final showdown.

Directed By

Ryuhei Kitamura

Music By

Keith Emerson, Nobuhiko Morino & Daisuke Yano

Story By

Wataru Mimura & Isao Kiriyama