This aquatic kaiju became a tool of destruction in service of an evil alien plot.

Godzilla isn’t the only prehistoric kaiju to emerge from the depths of the ocean. Deep below the surface dwells the mighty Titanosaurus, an enormous aquatic kaiju as comfortable traversing the ocean depths as it is smashing buildings on shore.

This massive monster has a large dorsal fin that extends the length of its back and another one projecting from the back of its head. More impressive is the mighty tail fin that enables Titanosaurus to conjure up great whirlpools in the water. When on land, the kaiju can use this huge tail to summon devastating gusts of winds capable of toppling city blocks.

Titanosaurus fell under the control of the scientist Shinzo Mafune, who was enlisted by the Black Hole Aliens to help them reconstruct the heavily damaged Mechagodzilla. Under the direction of the aliens, Mafune used both of the kaiju against Godzilla.

During this time, Titanosaurus demonstrated its competent combat skills, surviving intense face to face battles with Godzilla. But eventually both Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla are defeated, and the ancient aquatic creature was last seen falling off of a cliff into the ocean, never to be heard of again. 

The Numbers

Appears In 1 Movie
First Introduced 1975
Largest Height 60m
Largest Weight 30,000t

The Ages

Movies &

Terror Of Mechagodzilla

This follow-up Mechagodzilla film ends the Showa era, featuring a mad scientist who wants to unleash the kaiju Titanasaurus to the world.

Directed By

Ishiro Honda

Music By

Akira Ifukube

Story By

Yukiko Takayama