Terrifying energy-absorbing Godzilla-crystalline hybrid.

Created when a destroyed Godzilla DNA-containing Biollante's cells were cast into space, sucked through a black hole, and assimilated by cosmic crystalline life forms, SpaceGodzilla boasts unearthly powers.

SpaceGodzilla transformed from a meteor-like mound into a grotesque doppelgänger of the King of the Monsters when it fell from space to crash onto Earth's surface. But its similarities to Godzilla are superficial. Massive crystal spikes protrude from the alien kaiju's bulky shoulders, a conduit for gathering energy. Instead of dorsal fins, SpaceGodzilla sports rows of massive crystal growths down its back and tail. Its abdomen reads like an open wound, as if part of SpaceGodzilla’s biology didn’t fully mutate during its intergalactic birth. The hideous monster even has tusks on the sides of its muzzle as a carryover from its genetic donor, Biollante. SpaceGodzilla’s forehead is also adorned by a crystalline horn that lights up when the monster fires its devastating, curling Corona Beam from its mouth.

In addition to its mass and physicality, SpaceGodzilla is also highly intelligent, giving it a talent for violence and destruction. With ranged energy attacks, powerful telekinesis, force field projection, and psychic abilities; SpaceGodzilla is a massive menagerie of anti-Godzilla armaments of cosmic proportions.

The Numbers

Appears In 1 Movie
First Introduced 1994
Largest Height 120m
Largest Weight 80,000t

The Ages

Movies &

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla

Prepare for an interstellar clash as Godzilla battles SpaceGodzilla, a malevolent alien creature attempting to conquer Earth with its psychic powers.

Directed By

Kensho Yamashita

Music By

Takayuki Hattori

Story By

Hiroshi Kashiwabara