The giant sea-dragon kaiju Manda protects the Mu Empire with its physical prowess.

Manda is as powerful as it is mysterious. Capable of navigating underwater as well as traverse on land, Manda can unleash catastrophic damage both below and above the waves. With its long body, the sea-dragon kaiju can constrict around buildings, submarines, and other kaiju foes alike.

The majestic monster was first seen in the 1963 movie Atragon as a guardian for the oceanic empire of Mu, a lost undersea civilization unknown to the rest of the planet until it rose up and threatened world domination. When the Atragon super submarine named “Gotengo” was dispatched to invade and destroy the submerged empire, the Empress of Mu sent forth Manda to intercept the impressive vessel. The battle that unfolded is the stuff of legend, but ultimately ended with Manda being frozen by Gotengo’s Absolute Zero cannon.

Manda appeared again as one of the many monsters on Monsterland that are eventually controlled by the Kilaaks and sent to out to destroy various cities. Manda was sent to London where it wrecked havoc, constricting around a monorail line.

In 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars, Manda appears again and practically reenacts its legendary battle with the Gotengo. This time around, after being frozen once again by the super submarine’s Absolute Zero cannon, the unfortunate dragon is shattered to pieces by the sub’s spinning drill weapon.

The Numbers

Appears In 2 Movies
First Introduced 1968
Largest Height 150m
Largest Weight 60,000t

MANDA Through
The Ages

Movies &

Destroy All Monsters

Earth's kaiju are safely contained on "Monster Land," until alien forces causes them to leave the island and rampage across cities.

Directed By

Ishiro Honda

Music By

Akira Ifukube

Story By

Takeshi Kimura & Ishiro Honda

Godzilla Final Wars

Experience the ultimate monster extravaganza as Godzilla engages in battle with countless fan-favorite foes, leading to an epic final showdown.

Directed By

Ryuhei Kitamura

Music By

Keith Emerson, Nobuhiko Morino & Daisuke Yano

Story By

Wataru Mimura & Isao Kiriyama