Kamacuras is a species of mantis kaiju known for their razor-sharp claws and swift speed.

On Sollgel Island, a species of massive praying mantises known as Kamacuras are exposed to the unexpected effects of a weather control experiment, causing them to grow into 60-meter monsters. With their ability to fly coupled with deadly claws, the Kamacuras are brutal alone or in a swarm.

The Numbers

Appears In 3 Movies
First Introduced 1967
Largest Height 50 Meters
Largest Weight 2,800 T

The Ages

Movies &

Son of Godzilla

As secret weather-control experiments create a radioactive storm, Godzilla sets out to rescue the loveable kaiju hatchling Minilla from giant insects.

Directed By

Jun Fukuda

Music By

Masaru Sato

Story By

Shinichi Sekizawa & Kazue Kiba

All Monsters Attack

A boy named Ichiro befriends Minilla and finds they have more in common than they thought, including being tormented by a bully named Gabara.

Directed By

Ishiro Honda

Music By

Kunio Miyauchi

Story By

Shinichi Sekizawa

Godzilla Final Wars

Experience the ultimate monster extravaganza as Godzilla engages in battle with countless fan-favorite foes, leading to an epic final showdown.

Directed By

Ryuhei Kitamura

Music By

Keith Emerson, Nobuhiko Morino & Daisuke Yano

Story By

Wataru Mimura & Isao Kiriyama