Ruthless malevolent monster born of Godzilla's violent past.

Destoroyah is the result of Tokyo Bay's prehistoric microscopic marine creatures mutating into terrifying new life after the devastating Oxygen Destroyer dissolved Godzilla in 1954.

By the power of micro-oxygen, Destoroyah evolved through five different forms, starting in its Micro Form. In this initial stage, the creature killed tropical fish at a public aquarium before multiplying into the larger juvenile creatures that made up its Crawl Form. Using the full power of the Oxygen Destroyer that created it, these juveniles combined and formed the kaiju-sized Aggregate Form, which shrugged off direct hits from military rocket launchers and even Maser cannons. After making short work of the Japanese military, the demonstrably malicious and outright evil kaiju immediately changed into its flying form before ultimately reaching its Perfect Form.

Protected by a craggy, spiked armor and framed by massive bat-like wings, Perfect Form Destoroyah demonstrated unprecedented strength, durability, and energy projection – including its horn's Variable Slicer energy blade used to tear into Godzilla's hide. It was in this form that Destoroyah willfully killed Godzilla Junior, enraging an overheated Godzilla and leading to an explosive final showdown of unbridled rage.

The Numbers

Appears In 1 Movie
First Introduced 1995
Largest Height 120m
Largest Weight 80,000t

The Ages

Movies &

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

Traces of the original 1954 Godzilla return in the form the kaiju Destoroyah, who battles Godzilla in a potentially apocolyptic clash.

Directed By

Takao Okawara

Music By

Akira Ifukube

Story By

Kazuki Omori