Genetically-engineered multi-species terror.

Equal portions Godzilla, human, and rose DNA, Biollante is an unsettling multi-species menace.

When Dr. Shiragami combined the DNA of his lost daughter, a common rose plant, and Godzilla, the world witnessed the birth of an outright Heisei era horror: a verdure villain possessing the form of a bestial plant kaiju and the psyche of an angry child.

In its rose form Biollante roared with a gargantuan petaled head atop a sinewy stalk, attacking by whipping viscous mouthed vines. In its monstrous Plant Beast Form, Biollante towered over Godzilla, biting at the King of the Monsters with its terrifying tooth-filled maw and scalding it with projectile-vomited acid. Even after its ultimate defeat, there is no forgetting the bizarre Biollante.

The Numbers

Appears In 1 Movie
First Introduced 1989
Largest Height 120m
Largest Weight 200,000t

The Ages

Movies &

Godzilla vs. Biollante

Nature and science collide as Godzilla takes on Biollante, a plant-hybrid kaiju created through experimentation, in a showdown of epic proportions.

Directed By

Kazuki Omori

Music By

Koichi Sugiyama

Story By

Shinichirō Kobayashi