Gentle young reptilian telepath.

While Godzilla and Rodan battled for parental possession over a mysterious egg discovered on Adona Island, researchers swiftly escaped with it. In their laboratory, what they believed to be the egg of a giant pterosaur like Rodan shocked them as it hatched Baby Godzilla.

Intimidated at first, the researchers quickly realized that the human-sized, dinosaur-like newborn was no pterosaur, but instead a harmless Godzillasaur. While the charming infant kaiju was peaceful, it maintained a psychic bond with Godzilla and lured the King of the Monsters to it. No structure was left standing as the angry parent marched through Kyoto, leveling half the city in search of its heir.

But Godzilla wasn’t the only one searching for the tiny kaiju. Rodan rapidly descended to the scene before engaging both Godzilla and a new Mechagodzilla. When the dust settled, Godzilla was the last kaiju standing. Baby Godzilla was then convinced by the powerful psychic, Miki Saegusa, to leave with Godzilla. The pair of monsters walked into the ocean on their way to Baas Island.

Baby Godzilla would rapidly grow, going on to appear as a kaiju-sized, but child-like Little Godzilla in 1994’s Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla. A year later, it matured into Godzilla Junior, facing its first major threat under its own commendable abilities in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.

The Numbers

Appears In 1 Movie
First Introduced 1993
Largest Height 1.64 Meters
Largest Weight 420 kg

The Ages

Movies &

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II

Modern science is pushed to the limit as Godzilla squares off against Mechagodzilla, a deadly machine designed to finally subdue the King of Monsters.

Directed By

Takao Okawara

Music By

Akira Ifukube

Story By

Wataru Mimura